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the cryo-perfused lung from a mouse exposed to 15% oxygen for 2 h. Regions of interest (ROIs) were drawn around individual alveolar walls with the wall number selected from a line drawn tangential to the alveolar wall. Alveolar wall thickness was measured as the distance between the two points of the wall and the number of alveolar wall was determined as the number of ROIs in a line drawn parallel to the alveolar walls. Proliferation assay {#Sec23} ------------------- Cells were seeded into 96-well plates (1.5 × 10^4^ cells/well) and exposed to normoxia or hypoxia (1% O~2~) for 24 h or normoxia with or without chrysotile (50 μg/ml) or crocidolite (50 μg/ml) at the indicated time points. Proliferation was assayed using the CyQuant^®^Cell Proliferation Assay Kit according to the manufacturer's instructions. The fluorescence intensity of samples was measured using a SpectraMax M3 spectrofluorometer (Molecular Devices, Sunnyvale, CA, USA) and CyQuant^®^ reagent and was normalized to cell number as determined by a CyQuant^®^ assay. Wnt Signaling assay {#Sec24} Cells were exposed to normoxia or hypoxia (1% O~2~) for 24 h or normoxia with or without crocidolite (50 μg/ml) or chrysotile (50 μg/ml) at the indicated time points. For A549 cells, cyclopamine was added to the cell culture medium for 2 h prior to the treatment with chrysotile. Control cells were treated with equal amount of DMSO. Cells were lysed and the lysates were immunoprecipitated with primary antibodies against β-catenin, p-β-catenin (S37/T41) and p-β-catenin (S45/T61) overnight at 4 °C and incubated with Protein G/A agarose beads (Pierce Biotechnology) for 3 h at 4 °C. Beads were collected by centrifugation and immunoprecipitated proteins were




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Vampirediarieshindidubbedhit wasyhein

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